uMata Circles
uMata Circles

I'm creating a community to keep our elders connected and independent

uMata Circles

I'm creating a community to keep our elders connected and independent

Letting them know that everyone they care about is also caring about them.

About uMata

What is uMata (you-Ma-TuhYou matter)? I've often been asked and over the past three years the answer has evolved into this: uMata is movement that recognizes the need for community within our elderly community. Community to watch over with the understanding that in today’s world where family members are often called to move continents away from loved ones but also a world that technology has made smaller and a world where almost none of this technology is marketed for the elderly.  Let’s shift the paradigm, rethink how existing technology can be used to keep us connected and informed. 

Why Should You Join uMata

Care provided by family and friends can determine whether an older person can remain at home. Studies have shown that individuals living in institutional care (regardless of age) will have significantly shorter life expectancy than their contemporaries living independently. One source suggests that future life expectancy is shortened by as much as 50 percent!  

Caregivers struggle, being torn between keeping up with their own day-to-day affairs and effectively providing the needed care for a loved-one. 

uMata seeks to create a digital space where individuals can monitor and share sensitive personal information pertaining to health and all aspects of well-being with a small and trusted circle of family and friends, regardless of geography. We believe technology is the answer. Information gathered from wearable devices such as Fitbit and Apple Watch can be utilized to aid in the monitoring of our isolated elders' well being. 

Traditional elder care monitoring devices are antiquated and don't typically have the social aspect of loved-ones in care circles being connected. They may require an elder to press a button in the event of an emergency where they may be incapacitated. They may also have bulky devices and high monthly subscription fees. uMata aims to provide free or reasonably priced, family-based communities that is involved with an elder loved-one’s care, with monitoring by state-of-the art technology and devices.

We're building a movement to bring together resources and technology that, in many cases, already exist, but marketed to a different, younger generation, in our mission to combat the ageist trends and keep our loved ones closer longer.

We can't do it alone, we need your help. Together, let's make this happen.

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